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What's New?
Well this page is new. Having been involved heavily in PC's and networks since the late 1990's I'm amazed I haven't ventured into web development before.
Anyway as a dad of two boys I have an endless source of wonderous events and random happenings to keep me entertained. Some of which I hope to share with you dear reader. 

27/1/10 Photos and text added to page  "The Boys 2009"

27/1/10 Home Page updated.



During the course of 2009 I turned 50 years old.
I must admit I don't feel any older than 35, but it's nice to be made a fuss over.
It was also a lot of fun to have a trip to New York. Very spectacular. An eye opener for the boys and a lot of fun for mum and dad.

I felt the need to build a web page as a means of allowing the different parts of the extended family to keep in touch in an informal way that doesn't need subscriptions or logins. As the kids are growing up so rapidly, this is an ideal way of keeping abreast of the changes. 

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.